The best official Rolex watch winder guide you should know will teach you the basics of watch winders. If you have an automatic watch, you might want to think about getting a watch winder. But what is a watch winder? Why should you even consider getting it?

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is an electronic device that becomes one of the essentials for people who love automatic watches. This electronic device was built to maintain your electronic watch, keeping it wound at all times.

From the definition alone, you will understand that watch winders will be especially beneficial for people who own a lot of electronic watches. If you are a fan of gadgets, a Rolex watch winder box can become the perfect accessory to add to your collection.

How Does an Automatic Watch Function?

To understand why a watch winder is crucial, you need to know the basics of automatic watches that we will tell you in this official Rolex watch winder guide. So, your automatic watch is very unique because it can move. This kind of watch has a rotor that spins as you move, allowing the watch to wind automatically.

However, an automatic watch will only wind automatically if you keep moving. This means that it will stop winding itself if you put it aside for a certain period. If you set the watch aside for a while, you will need to set the watch again before you can start wearing it.

How Does a Watch Winder Help?

A watch winder will keep your automatic watch moving, even if you are not wearing it. You can set the turns per day to determine how many turns you want for your automatic watch. That way, your automatic watch will keep winding itself automatically, which is what you need to know most in this official Rolex watch winder guide.


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