A watch winder Australia is a helpful and useful accessory, especially for automatic mechanical watches. As you know, such a watch will lose its energy when it is not worn for a long time, causing it to stop running. And a watch winder can prevent this condition. It keeps an automatic mechanical watch wound by rotating it. Among so many watch winders available out there, you might get confused to choose one. Follow these tips below to choose a good watch winder.

Power and Durability

A good motor is a must when you are choosing a good watch winder. It is because the motor is one of the most important parts of the winder, besides the CPU, control panel, and watch holder. It is better to go for a watch winder that can wind all kinds of automatic watches, from small to large as well as from heavy to light. Heavier and larger watches demand more from the winder’s motor. These automatic watches require more power or energy from the motor to run.

A powerful motor will be able to rotate and wind heavy, large watches way more easily than the one that is less powerful. If you place a large and heavy watch in a winder with a low-quality motor, the motor will likely cause problems. You surely do not want to damage your precious watch. A watch winder Australia with a poor-quality motor will produce more noise, break faster, and rotate more irregularly, making the automatic watch wear out more quickly.

So, you are highly suggested to opt for a watch winder equipped with a motor made in Japan, Germany, or Switzerland. If you are looking for a sustainable watch winder, the one with a Swiss motor is a great option. Such a winder can last for years.

Sound Level

Automatic mechanical watch owners put their collection in different places. Some put it in their living rooms while some others prefer to put it in their bedrooms. In this case, the winder’s sound level is an important thing to consider. If you plan to place the watch winder in your bedroom, you surely need to pick the one that does not produce a lot of noise so that you can have a good night sleep. The winder’s sound level is a personal matter, anyway.

The sound that a watch winder produces highly depends on the motor, material, and design of the watch winder Australia.


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